Sparring Partner

The pressure on companies is increasing, the digital transformation is in full swing. The market environment and customer expectations are changing. Digital services and digital products, as well as the monetization of data in digital business models and platforms are no longer just a topic of the service industry, media and music industry, or banks and insurance companies.

IoT and IoT platforms, bots and intelligent agents, blockchain, machine learning and AI - the list of innovative technologies is getting longer and longer. Data- and algorithm-driven processes, services and products are predicted or already in use. The recommendations and offers of software, solution, and consulting providers are numerous.

But where to start? What is a good path for the company and how does it become a success?

At KIRSCHBAUER CONSULTING, we are firmly convinced that a digitization strategy must be developed in a company-specific way and together with the executive team. The strategic approach has to align with the company vision and the company goals. Strategy development follows an ambidextrous approach, i.e. both - operational, incremental digitization potential and strategic, potentially disruptive potential for transformation will be examined, evaluated and included in the strategy development and process model.

KIRSCHBAUER CONSULTING is Sparring Partner for the goal-oriented strategy development of digital transformation in your company.

Interim Manager

Are you still looking for your CDO (Chief Digital Officer) but can not wait any longer with your digitization task?

You want to temporarily supplement your rather technical CIO with a CPIO (Chief Process Innovation Officer)?

Do you have a management vacancy or are you temporarily in need of reorganizing or integrating a business?

Do you have a crisis situation in strategy orientation, organization or ongoing business?

We help you to bridge a critical management vacancy with the necessary experience and expertise.

Program Manager

The implementation of a digitization strategy consists of a large number of projects of various types, granularity and complexity. The time periods are different and there are dependencies among each other. Not to speak of resources bottlenecks or lack of professional qualifications, as well as selection and use of suitable external service providers and technologies.

In order to be able to successfully implement the digitization strategy, the role of a program manager is indispensable. The measures must follow the digitization strategy and, above all at the strategic level of action, regular feedbacks with the company management are important. It is critical to orchestrate and evaluate the activities, to maintain an overview and to prepare and accelerate key decisions.

For KIRSCHBAUER CONSULTING strategy and implementation are no foreign words.
We help you to significantly increase the chances of success for an effective, targeted implementation of your digitization strategy.

We are at your disposal for a free and non-binding personal discussion in order to discuss with you how we can support you in your digitization and potentially digital transformation journey. Contact us!