Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a continuous process of change, grounded in digital technologies, affecting society as a whole, and companies in particular.
This process is gaining in speed and intensity. It significantly changes our products and services, business models and processes, as well as our work environment in companies.
Companies have to be pro-active in embracing and shaping these changes,
in the best interests of their customers, as well as the future of the company itself.
A transformation with a sense of proportion has enormous potential for improving our society and quality of life.
Creativity, boldness and agility combined with vision, experience and prudence is the right recipe to manage the digital transformation with success.

That's what KIRSCHBAUER CONSULTING stands for. 



The management consultant and sparring partner is accompanying you purposefully and professionally to develop, strengthen and implement your company-specific strategy and plan for your digital transformation.


The interim manager is helping you bridge critical vacancies or manage changes in the area of IT-related responsibilities with the required management and leadership experience and comprehensive technical and organizational expertise.


The program manager is supporting you to evaluate, orchestrate and monitor professionally, technological and organizational complex projects based on long-term experience with international software application projects.

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About me

  • Strong Leadership and Management ability for small and large, international corporations in the software industry
  • Cooperative, result-driven management style with high integrity, empathy and credibility
  • Complete software product lifecycle experience with strong focus on customer - and business benefit
  • Experience in the design and implementation of enterprise applications and industry-specific solutions 
  • Ability to successfully lead and manage various phases of businesses:
    innovation - growth - crisis - re-structuring
  • Member of Supervisory Board - DSC Software AG Karlsruhe
  • Jury Member of Weconomy, a prestigious award for german start-ups
  • Member in ArMiD e.V. „Aufsichtsräte Mittelstand in Deutschland“
  • New technologies for the digital transformation, especially IoT platforms and applications, enterprise blockchain and potential of AI in general


Management and Digital Transformation


Peter J. Kirschbauer

76275 Ettlingen, Germany